Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Staying Positive

That is what I've been trying to do all day.

Today is the two year anniversary of my Dad's passing. As he would want (and as I usually do) I am trying to remember him and be happy for the time we had. This is hard today since I end up dwelling on what is being missed. Not so much by him but by me as I feel he is always with me. I can't help but think of things like that I never got to see him hold my girls or see my cub's faces light up when I say, "Pepere's coming over!" On this day I can't help but think like this.

I know that he wanted me to live my life and be happy. Which I do. I remember him for the great man he was and the full life (though short) that he had. I'm grateful for how much richer his life became in his last year of life. For all those little moments I had with him because I was back at home and out of work. Seeing how goofy happy he would get watching Big Sister Bear party in my tummy or the peace that would pass over him as he put his ear to my belly to "listen" to his growing granddaughter inside my womb. Priceless.

So on this day I will try to fulfill his wishes and stay positive.

Last night was the first night of four that Papa Bear is on a trip. Since he was not here to bother while he was sleeping I worked until the wee hours of the morning on the girl's Music Box Jumpers. So far I am breezing along on this O + S pattern. It is very clearly written and the directions are easy to follow. I am intimidated by making buttonholes but I plan on doing a few practice runs at it before attacking the actual garment. Both bodices are finished and tomorrow I'll be starting the skirts and Papa Bear's top secret Christmas present (which I'm hoping to complete before he gets home). I'll also be wrapping gifts in between to give myself a break from the machine.

More holiday happiness from the bear den to come...stay tuned.

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Beth said...

WHat a great photo of you two together. I hope you are able to think happy thoughts and instill a bit of your dad in your kids!!