Monday, December 20, 2010

A Bear Den Family Christmas

Christmas preparations are in full swing at our home. We've trimmed our tree. Our stockings and the mistletoe (which Big Sister Bear keeps calling a spider) are hung. Festive lights and various Santas bring holiday cheer to our living room. The cubs are totally on board with the whole Christmas concept. The more Christmas-y things we do, the more excited they get.

We made gingerbread cookies and they were so yummy. My secret??? Betty Crocker bag cookie mix and very simple confectioners sugar and milk frosting. That's it!

I've been staying positive and laughing at the silly things my Dad would do around the holidays. Like the way he would imitate the "No Dogs Allowed" from Snoopy, Come Home! during A Charlie Brown Christmas. Or the way he would laugh at Frosty when he came to life because he exclaims, "Happy Birthday!", instead of Merry Christmas.

We are also keeping with the tradition of making French doughnuts on Christmas morning like he would and I'll make some "munchkin" sized balls for the cubs just like Daddy would make me.

This weekend we went to a family holiday party of the season and the girls debuted their Music Box Jumpers. The next five days will most  likely bring frantic gift making since I have procrastinated and haven't made a thing except some felt donuts for Big Sister Bear.


Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

A lovely post!Enjoy your holiday. Hugs! P.S. last day to enter my giveaway today

Beth said...

HHHMMM..take some photos of those French donuts! Love that last photo -- great inspiration for a quilt!