Friday, October 8, 2010

The Powers of Rationalization

As you know I am supposed to be on a fabric ban unless it is for the wedding quilt. Thanks to the wonderful powers of rationalization and logical thinking I found a loop hole.

I recently bought Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones. There are so many cute things made from this book on flickr that I couldn't pass it up. Also, after making all those sweet little dresses I discovered that there is something so satisfactory in know your child is wearing a hand-made outfit. When people ask where I got it, I can say with pride that it is one of a kind. I guess you could say that it sparked a passion for making my children clothing.

Naturally after browsing through the book and deciding to make the kimono baby pants I wanted some super cute fabrics to make them. I've cut out three pairs from my Castle Peeps stash, but that wasn't enough. I wanted to make more than just three pairs so I got on and while browsing I came across Ann Kelle's Remix line. I just couldn't pass up that nerdy argyle print or those whales.

In order to get the free shipping (and since I had a coupon) I added on the Oliver + S Music Box Jumper Pattern. I think these dresses are just darling. They remind me of the jumpers I used to wear when I was in elementary school.

I took a trip to the local fabric store to get fabric for the dresses since they require more yardage than I have (my stash consists of half yard and one yard cuts). I decided on two prints, one to make an any day jumper for Big Sister Bear and another to make Christmas dresses for both the girlies. I will be taking a trip this weekend to get the remaining supplies and the inner yoke fabrics.

It is pretty obvious that thanks to the super powers that are rationalization and logical thinking I was able to justify a little fabric spree. I also went on a book spree that same week because I am a total nerd and have a penchant for learning about sewing.

More about those books and the trip they took across the country on my next post.

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Beth said...

My cursor keeps hovering over the "buy now" button...I feel rationalizations coming on!