Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bahgain Huntah (That's How It's Pronounced in Massachusetts)

Today I was a super stellar bargain hunter. My first stop was Joann they are having a huge Columbus Day Sale this weekend. I scored a bunch of polka dot fabric from the clearance section that ended up being $1.50 a yard! I also found a print in the clearance bin that is kind of a knock off of Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks cathedral print. All notions were buy one get one free so I stocked up on machine needles. Buttons were also BOGO so I got a bunch of those too. I also came home with a stack of patterns because Simplicity Patterns are $0.99 this weekend! I picked up the fabrics for the inner yolks on the Music Box Jumpers. After all the sales and my coupons I saved over a hundred dollars!!!

My next stop was Kohl's because Papa Bear needed some work clothes. Now thanks to Kohl's Columbus Day Sale he has nice new threads and our bank account is happy too. All Carter's pjs were half off, I took advantage and got all three cubs their Christmas Eve jammies. At check out Kohl's always has Kohl's For Kids items. This time had copies of Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas along with Max and Grinch stuffed toys; all for only $5 each. I got one of each for Christmas (my plan is to shop early so that I can sit at home sewing while everyone else fights crowds and mall traffic). My total savings there was almost a hundred bucks!

Today I saved a grand total of $202.88 and am a self proclaimed "Bargainista"!

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Beth said...

I need to get on the Christmas shopping bandwagon. Thanks for the inspiration!