Thursday, July 8, 2010

Six States in Five Days

Over this past holiday weekend our family did quite a bit of traveling. First we went on the girls' first camping trip. We stayed in a cabin at Lake Pemaquid Campground in Maine. A couple we are good friends with were kind enough to invite us to share part of their vacation with them. We took the kids to the beach, made smores and had some delicious lobsters. We were home for one night and then headed off to New York City. We only stayed for a night since we were tagging along on one of Papa Bear's business trips. The bear cubs loved Toys R Us in Times Square and we got together with our friends who live in Brooklyn while we were there. I was so proud of how well my girls handled being in the city during a record breaking heatwave.

While in NYC Papa Bear stayed with the cubs at the hotel so I could browse the Garment District for fabric. I was overwhelmed and crunched for time so I only visited three places. USA Fabric Inc. had a very small selection and the clerk gave me wrong directions to another store, but I found a very cute bear printed cotton that I couldn't pass up. Fabric House Inc. on West 39th was very helpful and I found a couple of Michael Miller prints that go along with the Dick and Jane collection. The clerk at Fabric House Inc. also gave me the correct directions I wanted. B and J fabrics blew me away. I could have spent all day in there going through their swatches. Never have I seen so many designer fabrics...amazing. I settled on a couple of Japanese imported cottons I've had my eye on for a while.

All in all, it may have been insane at times but we had a great time exposing our girls to so many new things. Through all our travels ours girls saw six states in five days and had many first time experiences. Can't wait to go back to the Garment District again and do some real damage at Purl.

Big Sister Bear and her rock

Bear Family @ Pemaquid Beach

sandy footsies

Little Sister Bear's first train ride

Big Sister Bear napping on the train

Baby Bears and the Kandy King

fabrics I scored in the Garment District

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wallray said...

Those are some great pictures I hope you make something great with that fabric.