Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Re-evaluating Goals

As you can see I've been busy making hexagons. I was surprised at how quick they are to make and how much I enjoyed making them. I underestimated how much I would delight in all the hand sewing that is involved. Originally I had set a goal to make 100 hexagons this month. I met that goal very quickly, with 3 weeks to spare in fact. So I set a new goal of 150 for the month considering my other projects I have planned for completion this month. I have now made 166 hexagons!  Therefore, I am setting one last goal regarding these lovable hexagons. I will complete assembling the hexagons I have already made into flowers.

Speaking of hexagon flowers...

...I made my first one! I found these even more amusing to make than the individual hexagons. I love all the different arrangements that they can be put into. Considering how much I adore hexagons reaching my new goal should be a breeze.

I have also set a goal to finish mini quilts for the bear cubs by the end of this month. I need to get cracking on this since the month is almost half over and I still haven't even cut the fabrics for these play quilts. I should really get going on that.


Beth said...

I read through this (http://sometimescrafter.blogspot.com/2009/10/adventures-in-hexagons.html) and have printed my hex patterns onto freezer paper (my printer did not like it). I'm going to iron the freezer paper to my fabric this week and take it along on vacation!

Mama Bear said...

I was nervous about using freezer paper. I printed mine on regular paper and pinned them to the fabric. I cut the faric 1/4" larger than the paper hexagons. I made most of mine on our recent train ride to NYC. Have fun!