Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mini Quilt Mini Experiment

I have finally started the mini quilts for the bear cubs. I'm making it into a sort of experiment. I've been doing some research about quilting, pre-shrinking fabrics in particular. Half of the quilters always pre-shrink and half don't. So here is my mini experiment: one quilt is going to be made from pre-shrunk fabric and the other won't be washed until completed. Can't wait to see what the difference (if any) is.

Quilt #1 (pre-shrunk) is being made with fabrics from Heather Bailey's Freshcut line and Kona solids. It is intended for Little Sister Bear. Quilt # 2 (not pre-shrunk) is being made from many different fabrics and is going to be a strip quilt. This one is for Big Sister Bear.

My fabric collection has grown significantly over the past week. This rapid growth has been contributed to by many factors:
  1. I am gathering fabric for a king size wedding quilt
  2. some of it was a gift from my Mom
  3. fabric.com had 2 amazing sales back to back so I took advantage and stocked up (36.5 yards total!)
  4. I needed more Japanese imports to go along with the ones I purchased in NYC
  5. I am obsessed with fabric and sewing

Things have been busy around the Bear Den lately. Summertime passes so quickly. I believe this is partly due to cramming so much into 12 short weeks of beautiful weather. I am longing for Fall. I love the laziness that comes with Fall. Everything sort of slows down. The weather begins to cool, apples and pumpkins ripen, gathering begins and everything has a crispness to it. This Fall also brings the homecoming of the cubs Marine Uncle who has been deployed since January and still has yet to meet Little Sister Bear. Oh I can't wait, apple and pumpkin picking, baking, making soups and stews, vivid colors, a few chilly picnics, brisk weather and many happy memories.

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