Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Wish List

Have you heard about Above All Fabrics fantastic giveaway? Melanie is giving away gift certificates to three lucky winners who blog about thier wish list at Above All Fabrics!

My wishlist has a few City Weekend prints by Liesl Gibson that I've been dying for like this one and this one. I plan to use these for backing a City Weekend HST charm square quilt I've got on my project list. I also want some to make Jump Rope Dresses for my cubettes.

I've also got some Anna Maria Horner voile and flannel on my list after being inspired by Ashley's lovely baby blankets, I want to make one (or two) of these for the cubs. Big Sister Bear models a certain Peanut and his trusty blanket, so one of these would be perfect for her.

For good measure I also put a Hopscotch Skirt and Knit Top Pattern from O + S. Some of Jennifer Paganelli's Queen Street made it on the list too, I just love these dots.

This wish list is perfect for informing Papa Bear about what I want for Christmas. Oh how lovely to open my gift and find these delicious goodies inside (hint, hint Papa Bear).

Because I feel that this post should have a pretty picture to go along with it, I'm going to share with you a totally unrelated photo. Papa Bear took this one of Little Sister Bear over the weekend. Just goes to show if you take the time to fiddle with the camera you get a pretty awesome shot.


Beth said...

I have "make a wishlist" on my to do list! Must get to it!

kasthurirajam said...

wow...............Beautiful baby