Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pie, Picnic, Playground

Growing up my Memere was always cooking. She watched Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. She thought she was in heaven when the Food Network was added to the cable channels. She was somewhat of a foodie and taught me most of what I know about cooking. She also taught me how to improvise when things didn't go quite according to plan in the kitchen. That last one came in handy when I made an apple pie last Sunday.

A few things didn't go along with my plans. First, Papa Bear put the butter back in the fridge that I took out to make the crust. I improvised by using shortening instead. Then I peeled all of the apples by hand, when I remembered while peeling the last one that my Mother-in-Law bought me an apple peeler that works great. Finally, the crust wasn't browning like it should (since I used shortening instead of butter) so I turned the broiler on to brown it up a bit. I got sidetracked with dinner and burnt half of it. Despite all these silly things the not burned half was delicious.

This week I started putting together some baby booties. They were supposed to be finished for yesterday so that my Mom-in-Law could sell them at the local Chili Chowder Fest. I got them all ready Thursday night to sew on Friday. Friday was very busy and I didn't have the time to finish them. I'm considering listing them on etsy when I finish them. Well the ones I don't keep for Little Sister Bear that is.

Speaking of Little Sister Bear, she's got to have the most amazing eyes ever and be the messiest eater I've seen yet. She's so independent when it comes to eating and insists on feeding herself. She has quite a personality and is such a happy baby.

Yesterday the Nicey Jane picnic blanket got some more action. We took the kids to a local park, had our picnic and then went to the playground. Big Sister Bear and Nephew Bear had a wicked good time, especially on the slides. Little Sister Bear had her first playground swing experience.

I can't even describe how fulfilled I feel just watching the cubs running, playing and exploring. A feeling of being completely content as they roam freely and happily, knowing their imaginations are bursting with possibility.

I've got a few things in the wings waiting to be done so hopefully I'll be posting a bit more often in the near future. Until then...hakuna matata.

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Beth said...

THe pie looks AWESOME!