Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunday Stash and a Monster

I've recently joined the Sunday Stash flickr group. I'm always browsing around on flickr looking for inspiration and drooling over all the lovely fabrics. So I figured why not share some of my stash too? Who knows, maybe someone will end up drooling over something in my stash. I discovered the group browsing around on sewing blogs.

In preparation I've been organizing my stash. Although, my first post was on a Thursday, I'm going to make this into a regimen for me and try to post every Sunday from now on. We'll see how many I can do in a row. This Sunday, the 1st, will be week #1 of the challenge.

Nicey Jane and Amy Butler

A little update since my last post. The new Mommy loved the baby booties so much she's asked if I would make her more! And she adored the fabric since her family used to run a cider mill. I'm heading to Jo Ann's for some more elastic and some fleece this weekend. I'm hoping to get cracking on the booties and Papa Bear's camera bag soon.

This weekend also brings a 1st birthday. Our friends' daughter is turning 1 and she's having a party Saturday. I made her a cuddly monster plushie. The design was my own and I just adore it. She's the perfect size for snuggling. I love her dangly arms and legs which are ideal for carrying her around. When Big Sister Bear saw the little monster she exclaimed, "WOOBY!", and put her arms out for it. Introducing my little monster:


Beth said...

Adorable! Very huggable!

Mama Bear said...

Thanks Beth!