Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Appreciation and Preparation

This past week has flown by me. The cubs have been grumpy due to all of them having colds. Other than three sick little ones the week was busy, but good. I did some sewing and a little appreciation is in order.

Beth over at modernJax had a great giveaway last month. What was she giving away you might wonder? Her scraps of Riley Blake's Rainy Days and Mondays. I entered and won!

Now I have been looking at this line for a while, but had not purchased any due to my self-imposed ban on all things fabric. I received my package on Tuesday and all this drool worthy fabric was inside.

That's not all! Beth very generously included a few boys prints for Nephew Bear. How sweet was that? It's like she knew I was planning a blanket for him. Thanks again Beth!

I finished the fabric bunting for Uncle Marine's big bash this past Saturday. I used various patriotic prints and will also use them to decorate for Memorial Day and Independence Day. I love that they are reusable and reduce our carbon footprint. I enjoyed making the buntings and look forward to making more for the cubs birthday extravaganza next year. Here's the guest of honor, Uncle Marine, in front of one string of bunting.

Today I cut into my Nicey Jane stash. I've been debating what to do with it and kept coming back to the same thing...a picnic blanket. Since we're kicking of our start to fall with an apple picking trip and picnic this weekend there couldn't be a better time to make it. I'm hoping to have it washed, dried and crinkly by Saturday morning.

While I was taking these, Papa Bear and Little Sister Bear decided to pose for a few pictures.

Earlier in the week Big Sister Bear decided she doesn't like to wear certain clothing items the way they were intended to be worn. She also hides her binkies from us so she can have them even when she's not supposed to.

Nephew Bear is having a blast and has settled right in. He's very happy.

I am also planning a fall challenge of sorts for myself. I've mentioned the wedding quilt I've been planning for my cousin. After all my plotting and planning, it will be ten rows of eleven 10 1/2" squares, for a whopping total of one hundred and ten squares. My challenge is 110 blocks of fall. The goal is to make 110 blocks between September 22 and December 21.

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Beth said...

Enjoy! I hope you can put it all to good use!

110 has special meaning for me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW1uSmCpQhM