Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Birthday Monster

For the about the past year and a half it seems to me that there have been quite a few beautiful babies brought into this world within our social circles. As a result there are lots of first birthdays being celebrated. The couple who introduced me and my Papa Bear celebrated their son's first birthday today. I decided to sew him up a gift.

The birthday boy got his very own, one of a kind, made by Mama Bear, rock n' roll monster. I used Michael Miller's Groovy Guitars, since his Dad is into music and aspires that someday he'll be the next Jack Johnson. The solids are Kona in coal, lime and black. I also made a buffalo chicken dip that was a hit with everybody. The birthday boy had a blast and his parents threw a great party.

Tomorrow is Nana Bear's birthday! I made her a few mason jar pincushions but, in all the craziness getting ready for the little guy's party I wrapped them before getting any pictures. She has already started using them and is wicked excited about them.

Nana Bear is a sewer as well. She makes these amazing bags made out of upcycled jeans. She's going to have a table at the upcoming Chili Chowder Fest on September 25th. She's making up some diaper bags and I'm going to make some booties for her to sell along with them. I have 34 days to make 12 pairs of boots which works out to be about one pair of booties every 2 days (which seems reasonable). I'm excited to be selling my creations for the first time and am anxious to see how it turns out. We'll have to wait and see.

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