Saturday, August 7, 2010

Adventures in Baby Blanket Making

Here's the cute baby blanket that I made yesterday and the story that goes with it. This blanket was originally made for a friend's baby shower next weekend. It's made with 6" squares and backed with minky. I was so proud of the blanket and even appliqued baby's first initial on the bottom right corner. When it was all finished I popped it in the wash. Taking it out of the dryer with pride I hold it up to find that the black squares had unraveled and the seams were opening. I am chalking this up to the fact that the black was the only non-designer fabric (i.e. it was the only cheap fabric). Not wanting to give the defective blanket as a gift I appliqued a few pieces over the splits and gave it to my cubs. Conveniently one of the cubs has the same initial so it worked out.

Big Sister Bear was immediately enamored with the blanket. She has a thing for blankets. Little Sister Bear likes chewing on it. She chews on everything.

Tonight I'll be cutting another blanket that will be constructed from only high quality fabric. Stay tuned for take #2 of the gift blanket.

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Beth said...

And I was thinking when I saw the top picture "the black is really striking!" Better luck with the next one!